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Welcome to Physiotherapy for Women

Adelaide Physiotherapy for Women, is a unique women’s health clinic, situated in Lockleys, a western suburb of Adelaide. The private practice has over 30 years of experience, offering women of all ages female Physiotherapists with clinical assessment and treatment skills. Manual therapy or hands on treatment techniques are a feature of our physiotherapy services.

We focus physiotherapy in the following areas:

  • Assessment and treatment of the underlying cause of muscle, joint and nerve conditions that commonly arise in the different life stages of women.
  • Education and advice in self help techniques, self awareness and improving movement patterns and postures.
  • Providing the appropriate level of exercise to develop vitality, based on each woman’s physical needs.

Physiotherapy for Women offers treatment rooms with privacy in a beautiful relaxed setting and has a fully equipped Pilates exercise clinic. We are committed to delivering a high standard of physiotherapy services, with an emphasis on current research findings and continued further education for therapists.  We are proud of the practice’s growth, which is confirmed by our client referrals – compliments that speak louder than words.

Pregnancy and Postnatal Physiotherapy Services is included in the Physiotherapy for Women clinic.  This is a significant time in a woman’s life when profound physical changes and demands on muscle, joint and nerve tissue occur.  Often these changes set the stage for altered movement patterns and postures, and these can lead to various painful conditions and weaknesses.

A woman in a family setting is dealing with the stresses of everyday life and work.  It can be a natural progression that she finds little time for her own self care.  All too often this results in a woman experiencing pain and feeling unhappy about her physical condition.

Our clinic is proud to provide the understanding and professional expertise required to restore the balance that women need and want for good health and vitality.

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